Photo of Owain Bennallack

Hi, I’m Owain.

These days I’m mostly an investor and a writer about investing.

I put my money into listed technology stocks, unlisted fintechs, and restaurant and coffee chains where I get free snacks and a kick out of saying I own the equivalent of one of the bar stools.

Talking of which, sign-up for a Grind coffee subscription with my code – OWAIN-ZQZ4E – and you’ll get £15-off your next two subscription orders. As will I!

Grind is supplying Soho House nowadays, dontchaknow.

Right, where were we?

Oh yes, me.

In the past I’ve been a games journalist, a trade magazine editor, a conference advisory board chairman, a secret consultant on several great games and many more I urged canned, a co-founder, a website creator, and a computer science graduate.

In no particular order, this blog exists to:

  • Help me gather my thoughts about investing, technology, the markets, and the future of humanity. No less.
  • Host posts I can point to and say I Told You So.
  • Host posts I can quietly ignore, or else pretend I was hacked and a bot wrote them.
  • Make use of the Bennallack.com domain I’ve been squatting on since the mid-1990s.
  • Include personal affiliate links to earn me some pub money. (. Don’t like coffee? How about a free ten bucks in Bitcoin?)

You can follow me on Twitter and stalk me on LinkedIn.