Take your shot

I have started writing articles for The Motley Fool again and am enjoying flexing that particular mental muscle.

I wrote for the Fool for more than ten years. So I guess it’s a bit like in the movie Warrior when boxer turned High School teacher Joel Edgerton goes back into training at the gym and feels the old rhythms returning.

Only with less abs.

Here’s an extract:

Imagine you were in a fairground tent in 1999 peering into the only working crystal ball this side of The Lord of the Rings.

A suspiciously impoverished fortune teller says you’re seeing 2022. You both gaze in wonder – just like the people you see through the mists of time gazing into their smartphones and computer screens.

The techno-prophets are right! The Internet really will takeover the world!

You sprint home to buy shares in all the technology stocks you can.

Although this being 1999, you must wait for your dial-up modem to connect you to your sort-of-cheap broker, then pay extra because you’re buying US tech firms…

But never mind. You’ve seen and own the future!

Yet over the next three years the Nasdaq tech index will fall more than 75% from its peak – and many of your Dotcom stocks go bust.

Crystal balls indeed.

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